If there is someone in your life who casts suspicion on your character, their mode of behavior is probably lies, deception or it could be a correct discernment. Usually, it is to make you appear as the liar or the deceived. In many situations, they may get out their “magnifying glass” to nit-pick, judge, and exaggerate about you or about your situation? I’m sure it is very hurtful.

       I have worked with clients where the suspicion casting is flat out lies and are generally the opposite of the judged person’s heart intention or character. My clients have been devastated. They usually are low on hope and trust at many levels. They are afraid to make new friendships or move forward with their lives.

If this is happening you, please get some help from me or another professional. I have techniques and tools that will be helpful. I can be reached at [email protected] or 330-953-3993.

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