A child’s trauma level when their parents’ divorce can be high. There is also a high percentage of a child’s specific trauma in a couple other categories when it comes to parental divorce situations. These children usually believe:

  • It is their fault their parents divorced.
  • If they were better behaved, didn’t do things wrong, or were perfect then their parents wouldn’t have divorced.

There are other reasons for divorce trauma but isn’t the two beliefs above enough to give compassion and pause? Wouldn’t you think getting help for a child suffering from divorce trauma would prevent divorce happening in the child’s relationship when they are old enough to be in a relationship or get married?

If your child needs help because of parental divorce issues please get them help. If you want them to do sessions with me, I can be reaches at [email protected] or call 330-953-3993. I would love to help your child heal from their trauma.

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