Just recently there has been a toxic spill a short distance from where I live. It has caused the community fear of what the future will hold. They are wondering how this spill will affect the water, land and atmosphere. They want to know if the spill will have long standing effect on their health, and the future value of their property(s).

There isn’t enough information yet to make them feel safe, have correct provisions or feel protected. Many people are justifiably angry because they are not receiving quick and concrete answers to their questions. The authorities responsible for the spill are not giving the public trustworthy information.

It is normal for anxiety to be exceptionally high in this situation. It will probably be that way until more information is available that will answer questions or provide tremendous help or clean-up to satisfy their needs. In the meanwhile, if you need help releasing your anxiety though brainspotting or talking about your situation, I can help. I can be reached at [email protected] Or call 330.953.3993


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