At AFL, Laurie Bertelsen believes that there is a critical need for integration of wisdom, human experience and clinical knowledge in her work.

By creating this kind of holistic environment, this allows people to fully understand and forfeit the limitations of their past trauma, pain, and grief to begin the process of true healing from the inside out.

Our program provides Life Coaching and Brainspotting services that focuses on empowering people to inspire change, healing, and growth in their time of need. Our intense curriculum includes a systematic step-by-step process that identifies the source of conflict and works with people to transform. 

Path to healing

Life Coaching is a practice and process that uses a specific approach of coaching to help create a deeper awareness and acceptance of one’s self and past experiences. In our experience, it is the first step to mending a persons collective broken heart. We guide people through a rigorous process of  personal development that explores their attachment styles, possible parenting styles, and potential latent trauma experiences to help them better understand and to fully engage with others. We believe this is a key component to establish secure attachment style for everyone.

Attach For Life Sessions

Laurie offers a variety of different sessions. She can work with you to find the best way to help where you may need healing.

Windows of Light

Helping the client find and eliminate their trauma.

Courts Of Heaven

Helping the client get rid of generational issues in their life to gain freedom.


Helping the client put their broken heart back together again.

Family Life Coaching

Helping the adoptive parent and their biological child heal and get back on track with each other and with their lives.

Spirit Refresh

Helping the client align their spirit, soul and body correctly. 

Life Coaching

Helping the client discover where they got off track and coach them to get back on track.

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