I have worked with people concerning car crashes. Some of the issues involved with a car crash could be:

  • Grieving a friend or love one because they died in a car crash.
  • Anger at God or another person if they were at fault for the car crash.
  • Dealing with recurring memories or body memories of the car crash.
  • Reliving the fear of the car crash impact or event over and over.
  • Dreaming of the car crash event.
  • Being in more than one car crash event.

The body keeps the score in any trauma event and these scenarios are no exception. Our bodies weren’t designed to live in stress and stress can cause many health issues. The sooner the trauma stress is removed from the body the better.

That brings us to what I do:

  • Brainspotting is a simpler form of EMDR and is very effective in relieving the body of unwanted body trauma stress or body memories. Brainspotting is a way of finding the trauma so it can be processed and removed out of the body.
  • The other session I do is UnBroken and it helps with putting an emotionally broken heart back together again. With a car crash, the heart can be very broken for the very reasons given at the beginning of this article.

Please get some help whether from me or someone else so your body, soul and spirit are released from stress of your emotional trauma. Call me for help today.

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