A fire is considered one of the top stressful events a person can experience. It is right up there with getting a divorce, living with your in-laws or a friend, a death or building a house. It is common that a fire can induce a stress levels overwhelming the nervous system that cause sleep issues, thought issues, depression, and anxiety to name just a few issues.

So, how does one move on from such a dreadful evet? With my Brainspotting and UnBroken sessions. I have found these sessions very helpful in reducing and releasing the stress induced trauma from the body. It is important for a person who has experienced a fire to not carry the stress for long periods of time because it causes health issues.

The combination of my two sessions (UnBroken and Brainspotting) together can release the stress out of the body, put the traumatized heart together, produce a more positive point of view and help the traumatized person move on with their life.

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