I don’t believe a person on this planet was not effected emotionally by covid or some other medical issue. There were and are so many issues connected to covid and medical situations that cause emotional trauma. I would like to present some today. In general, emotional trauma attached to medical issues cause deep emotional consequences. Examples are:

  • If your love one was in the hospital and you weren’t allowed to be with them during the covid shut down. That effected both you and the person in the hospital.
  • Loss of a friend or love one to covid.
  • Surgery that didn’t go well causing medical issues or death.
  • Finding out you, a love one or a friend has cancer.
  • Loss of someone who had cancer.
  • Finding out you or someone you know has a serious disease.
  • A child separated from their mother at birth because of being a preemie or because the child or mother became sick or hospitalized.
  • Emotional trauma because of a fear of medical issues, needles, operations, blood issues, and doctors, etc.

There are so many examples that it would be hard to list them all. These are valid emotional traumas that need to be discovered and released out of the body. That can be done through a simpler form of EMDR called Brainspotting.

I am a certified Life Coach and a Certified Brainspotting Practitioner. I can help you release your trauma and get over fears. Contact me at [email protected] or call 330.953.3993 My website is Attachforlife.com

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