Many of my client have had a people pleasing issue(s). It appears in many forms such as:

  • people pleasing to make it all my fault in order to keep the peace even when it is partially or all the other persons fault.
  • People pleasing so others will love me, trust me, like me, include me…
  • People pleasing will cause everything to work out and there will be peace.
  • People pleasing with obedience or subservient behaviors because of the belief that justice will come to me. Instead, people only allows the other person justice to do whatever they please with no consequences.
  • People pleasing causes others to be respectful to me.
  • People pleasing causes success but the opposite happens.
  • People pleasing…
  • People pleasing…

Others almost always bring un-justice to the person who is people pleasing. It puts the people pleasing person in a place of always jumping through hoops, making everything their fault, groveling, needing to be perfect, submitting to the other person’s rebellion, not getting anyone’s grace and being responsible for the whole relationship; not only their own part of the relationship like everyone else.

It is ok for someone to be mad at your decisions to not people please. You don’t need to take care of everyone else’s emotions. You are only responsible for your emotions and your portion of the relationship.

I can say all of this but if you need to get to your relationship truths, I can help. This means you need to deal with your relationship lies to get to the truth. You also may have some trauma that has taught you the above behaviors and the resulting trauma needs to be released out of your body. Contact me today at [email protected] or call 330.953.3993 I would love to help.

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