I know a couple blog entries ago I talked about what a Brainspotting Practitioner is and does. Today I want to talk about a Brainspotting session in general. What I am describing is the general type of Brainspotting session. It is a simpler form of EMDR. The next blog will be about Expansion Brainspotting.

When a client has a session either in my office or by zoom, we talk about why they have come in and determine the specific issue or topic in which they want help. Many times, a person has come in with a relationship or situation they want Brainspotted. Other times they have a body memory and are not sure why. From there it is all about the severity of the issue and what type of session “set up” would work the best to help them process and release the trauma connected to the issue. There are several set ups that we can work with that enhance the most ease and comfort for the client in releasing their trauma.

Some issues take more than one session. Others only take one session for their trauma to be fully released. It is different with every client and each trauma situation. The goal is to release of the trauma fully out of the body so the issue or trauma event doesn’t cause them to be in fight, flight, freeze, or like a fawn in headlights.

We all have trauma, situations or relationship issues. We all have more than one trauma issue. So, not only is a client dealing with more than one possible session for one trauma, they could have more than one trauma spot for the issue or situation as well. The good thing is that Brainspotting works for all of the above issues.

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