Expansion Brainspotting is amazing! It is a way to get to the trauma spot/capsule from a positive point of view. This way of processing causes the least amount of distress even though the trauma could be heart wrenching.

In all Brainspotting it is important and very effective to process from the sub-cortical part of the brain to process the trauma deeply and quickly. Many therapists use talk therapy which uses the frontal cortex of the brain and doesn’t get to the trauma and body memories. With brainspotting the sub-cortical part of the brain brings the most relief and healing and often allows the client to say as little as possible and get the greatest amount of healing.

Your brain wants to heal and remove the thoughts, and negative feelings that hold you in a place of imprisonment. The brain is moldable and able to be healthy if you take the time to help it release the things of your past that imprison and inflict pain.

So, when a client comes in to a session with me, we do the same steps as regular Brainspotting session with the addition of leading from a positive place. It is hard to believe but it is possible to process from positivity and be released and set free to a new perspective. The old intense trauma is diminished allowing the processing to be less distressful; promoting a shift to a new place of peace.

Expansion Brainspotting is my new favorite session with trauma clients. It opens the door to my clients that they never thought possible. Come in and experience this simpler form or EMDR to see for yourself.

If you would like a session in Expansion Brainspotting then call 330.953.3993. My email is [email protected]  My web site is attachforlife.com  Call in today.

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